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    Five Reasons Why Co-Parenting is the Best Option in Most Circumstances - Faizan Artani
    Divorce can be extremely difficult, but when a divorce includes arranging custody for children, matters can seem even more stressful. Every court and family attorney will advise, wherever possible, that parents share the responsibilities and custody of their children.
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    To Market, To Market To Find a Fat Pig: Lowering Your Grocery Bills - Sara Richmond Walls
    In this economy, everyone is trying to save money! It seems that one of the hardest places to save is the family grocery bill. While it may be difficult, there are many ways to minimize your grocery expenses.
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    The Organized Bird Gets the Worm - Tammy Morales
    Here's a scenario: You're supposed to be at work in 20 minutes. To leave plenty of time for dropping the kids off at the baby-sitter's, you should have walked out the door 10 minutes ago, but you forgot to put your clothes in the dryer this morning.
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    Childhood Cancer. Operation Gold Rush - Beth White
    Every cell in our bodies is tightly regulated with respect to growth, interaction with other cells, and even its life span. Cancer occurs when a type of cell has lost these normal control mechanisms and grows in a way that the body can no longer regulate.
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    Tech Tip: Sharing Screens Between PCs Running Different Versions of Windows - New York Times - Business
    Microsoft’s Remote Assistance function works through Windows so friends and family can provide technical support over the internet. Read more ...
    Wealth Matters: Investing in an Emotional Trust Fund for Your Children - New York Times - Business
    Thinking in financial terms when it comes to parental choices could make a difference in shaping children who grow up to lead meaningful lives. Read more ...
    Your Money: Five Illuminating Takeaways From Your Family Money Letters - New York Times - Business
    Readers had some hard-won insights that you may want to borrow when imparting wisdom to your children or relatives. Read more ...
    Depressed Teen's Struggle To Find Mental Health Care In Rural California - NPR News - Top Stories

    After a teenager attempted suicide, her parents searched in vain for therapists who would take their insurance and were accepting new patients. The family paid for therapy with credit cards inst ... Read more ...

    Bad News For Kids Who Don't Like Flu Shots - NPR News - Top Stories

    A panel of advisers to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended against using a needle-free flu vaccine that's popular with pediatricians, parents and children.

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    Well: Leaving the Pediatrician? Not at 26 - New York Times - Top Stories
    Many young New Yorkers, who can stay on their parents’ insurance until 26, are sticking with their childhood doctors even after college. Read more ...
    Personal Journeys: In Berlin, Unraveling a Family Mystery - New York Times - Top Stories
    A ceremony in Berlin offers an opportunity to say a final goodbye to two family members caught up in the horrors of the Third Reich. Read more ...

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