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    Start A Preschool Homeschool

    By Charlotte Gerber     

    Your child is finally four years old and you can't decide whether to put your child in a preschool or daycare. There is another option - start your own preschool home school. There are no state requirements for preschool home schools which makes it easy to get your feet wet with this kind of education. Parents that are afraid to drop their child off in a room crammed with 30 other little children and a teacher that looks weary from the first day may want to consider homeschooling their child. Starting your own preschool isn't difficult and it can be fun!

    Both moms and dads are discovering that they are great teachers. Many parents are already teaching their children every day without benefit of a degree. If you can answer your child's questions without being irritated, you'd make a great teacher.

    Teaching preschool homeschool includes planning a day's activities. Keep in mind that preschool should be as simple as possible. Start the day off with a welcome song, something that you both enjoy singing. Next discuss the weather; is it sunny or cloudy? Then discuss what you are going to do today such as finger-painting or a field trip. Children like to be included in the plan making and it gives them a sense of control over their environment.

    Be sure to include a letter each week that you will use in various ways such A for Apple. Plan a week around reading about apples, using apples in a recipe, painting pictures of apples, using apple pieces as a stamp to pain with or visiting a cider mill. Use your imagination and your child will happily join you with enthusiasm. Practice writing the capital and small letters of the alphabet and remember to keep lessons short. Shoot for one quality written letter, not ten rows of perfectly written letters.

    Make preschool home school fun for your child. The average preschooler only has enough attention and energy for a 3-4 hour day filled with activities. Many children that are taken to preschools have to be there for 7-8 hours because their parents are working. These children are tired and miserable when they get home. You will have the advantage; you know when your child is getting tired or bored and you can change the activities to suit them.

    Enjoy your children- they are only this young once and running your own preschool homeschool is a great way to enjoy this experience. The impressions that you make upon them now will last their entire lives.

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