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    Build A Great Family Web Site

    By Charlotte Gerber     

    You donít have to be a technical wizard in order to build a great family web site. Gone are the days when you had to buy expensive software for your computer that was difficult to use. Today things are so much easier that anyone can create terrific websites for their families. FamilyLobby.com has easy to use templates that will have you up and running your own family web site in less than one hour.

    Creating a family web site is the perfect way to keep your family connected whether they live down the street or are scattered around the world. The websites on FamilyLobby.com are customizable so you can include the things that are most important to your family. Share family recipes, photos, your family tree and more with the click of a button. Schedule a family chat session for up to thirty family members and talk to everyone youíve been missing on the phone. The chat or discussion features are also a great way to plan family vacations, reunions and holiday get-togethers.

    Add a blog to your family web site so everyone can participate in sharing news. A website will allow you to do this easily. When a family member logs in to the website using their own unique password they can enter information about what is going on in their lives. Photo galleries are another fun way to show others what your branch of the family is doing. Use the galleries to show off a childís achievements, highlight family reunions, holiday activities and special events. Everyone in your extended family will enjoy viewing the photos and they may add a few of their own too.

    Finish your family web site by adding extras that will enhance your site. FamilyLobby.com offers large and mini calendars for you to use when youíre designing your site. Large calendars are easy to view and highlight birthdays and anniversaries. Online news feeds, games and links to popular family-oriented sites can be added to help you complete a professional looking site. Lastly, donít forget to send invitations for your family members to view the newly created site. Everyone will want to see how their family web site looks and they will want to join in on the fun too.

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