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    How To Help Your Teen Succeed

    By Penny S. Harmon     

    Almost every parent of a teenager has anxiety about where their child will be in ten years. The teen years are the most difficult to get through for parents and teens alike. First of all, the teen is not generally thinking too much about the future. They are caught in the middle between being a child and adult and a lot of times, it can be quite scary for them. As the parents, it is our job to help our teen get through these difficult times without coming across as know-it-alls. The key is to help your teen go down the right path to success without compromising your relationship with them.

    The first thing you should do is make sure that you are not setting expectations for your teenager that are really your own. It can be quite stressful for a child to believe they must live their parentís dream. In this, be sure that if your child knows what they want to do, you do not try to change their dream to become yours.

    Another thing to look for in your teen is how they react to pressure. While many teens get along fine with dozens of things thrown at them, others may react totally opposite and shut down their dreams and their feelings. Most do this because of their fear of failure. They are afraid to fail partly because they donít want their parents to think of them as failures. Let your teen know that as long as they do their best, it is okay. It is only when they donít try, they fail.

    The most important thing a parent can do for their teen is to keep the lines of communication open. While a teen may not tell their parent everything, a parentís job is to watch what is going on and react to certain behaviors. If your teen is not doing any homework and is still getting good grades, they made need to be challenged more. However, on the other hand, if your teen does not but study and the grades are average, it may be time to talk to your teen about easing up a little bit on classes. It may be that your teen is trying to do too much at once. Helping your teen to set realistic goals is a great way to help your teen adjust to added pressures of school, sports, family, and social time.

    Nobody ever said that parenting was an easy job and if they did, they were lying. Parenting during the teen years can be one of the toughest jobs around, however, if you and your teen work together, your teen will grow up to be a caring and productive member of the community.

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