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    Your Teenís Bad Language-What Can You Do?

    By Penny S. Harmon     

    Letís face it. When you see your two-year old let out an expletive that Dad uses, you think itís cute. After all, itís unexpected and he didnít even grin when saying it! Yet, once our children become teens, they begin to explore other language use, including curse words and words that you donít even say. At this point, itís not cute anymore. But what is a parent to do to help cut the bad language out of our teenís vocabulary?

    First of all, your teen can be using bad language for a number of reasons. One of them may be to simply push your buttons. Teens like to feel they are in control and by swearing in front of their parent, they are simply testing the boundaries, seeing exactly how far they can go. Sometimes teens just need to have the boundaries set for them in a clear manner.

    Another reason your teen may be cursing is that they hear it around them too often. Most parents donít even realize how much they swear until the teen points it out to them. ďWell, you swear. Why canít I?Ē is often the response parents get when they confront their teen. In this instance, the teen is often right. When it is heard around them constantly, they simply repeat what they are hearing. At this point, the parent has got to take control over their own language, as well.

    When you ask your teen why they are swearing, you may also get a response that itís cool and all their friends do it, too. This is where you may run into a problem making your teen understand that swearing is not cool. Your teen needs to understand that there are times that bad language is not appropriate, such as in front of authority figures, loved ones, and elders. Everyone letís out expletives by accident and your teen is old enough to know this and understand the difference.

    If your teen continues to swear, regardless of how much you have talked to them about this behavior, you must take action. They are old enough to understand consequences of bad behavior and you must remain consistent in giving repercussions. There is the old stand-by of grounding them for this bad language or you can go further, such as making them pay money out of their allowance for each bad word they use. Put this money is a jar where your teen is able to see just how much money they are losing by swearing. At this age, your teen doesnít want to give money away. Theyíd much rather be spending it at the mall.

    Bad language is not okay for a teen to use and finding the right way to stop your teenís language may be tough. However, it can be done. Itís just about finding the right way, whether itís coming up with crazy words for them to use instead or fining them for each bad word they say. Just remember, if they hear it, theyíre probably going to repeat it.

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