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    Yesterday Once More: Starting (or Restarting) an Exercise Routine

    By Sara Richmond Walls     

    Regardless of what people say, starting an exercise routine is harder than it looks, especially true if exercising is new and if there are few precious hours of unclaimed time in your day. Below are a few ways to start your routine and to keep it fresh and exciting.

    One of the first places that you need to start is analyzing your strengths and your weaknesses. These are not necessarily your physical strengths and weaknesses, although those to should be considered with the assistance of a doctor. It boils down to one of the most commonly used phrases in the English language: Know Thyself. Do you like structure? Do you organize every single block of your time? If so, then you need to schedule a workout time that fits in well with your schedule. Add it to your To Do list and scratch it off when it is completed.

    Then there are those of who are less structured or are so busy that they have to squeeze in as time permits. What to do? Whether outlined in detail or not, it is still good for you to have a daily or even weekly goal. Set a minute minimum. Instead of an hour at the gym, your exercise routine may consist of 15 minutes of climbing the stairs at your office and 45 minutes of walking the dog. Remember, however, as you begin to slice slivers of time out for your exercise routine that regardless of the structure, you must take it seriously.

    In addition to how we structure our routines to fit into our schedules, there is often the boredom factor. Many people look at their workout routines as boring and mundane, instead of fun. The entire point of creating an exercise routine is to become more active. Vary your routine. Take a spinning class or consider water aerobics. Donít stick to the treadmill or elliptical machine for every work out.

    Finally, there is the burnout factor. One of the mistakes that I often make when I recommit myself to my workout routine is starting off too hard. After a period of inactivity, I feel that my body needs to be punished. No pain, no gain, right? Inevitably, I hurt myself and lower my immune system. I end up in bed with a cold before I know it. Why? Because I didnít set a realistic pace for me to get back on schedule with my routine.

    So remember, when you are starting an exercise routine, consider your schedule, mixing up your routine, and beginning with a slow and steady pace. Youíre more likely to keep yourself on track so that you donít have to re-start your routine ever again!

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