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    When Mom Has to Work-Children and Separation Anxiety

    By Penny S. Harmon     

    Unfortunately, in today’s world, it is not uncommon for both parents to have to go to work. There are also a lot of single mothers in the world that also have to go to work to support their child. It can also be the mother simply enjoys her career and doesn’t want to give up what she has worked so hard to achieve. Regardless of the scenario, a child may experience separation anxiety when their mother leaves for work.

    When children go through separation anxiety, there are things that can be done to make it easier on them. First of all, depending upon the child’s age, the parent can sit down and talk to their child. Let them know they are loved and event though Mom has to leave for a little while, she will be back. Let your child know exactly where you are going and what you will be doing. It is also important to let your child know what time you will be back and stick to this time.

    To ease the anxiety your child may go through when you leave for work, it is best to fully prepare your child. If you’ve set your child up in a local daycare, have your child visit several times before you actually leave them for a full day. Depending upon your child’s reaction, leave them at first for an hour and slowly work your way up to the full day. This will allow your child to adjust to their surroundings at a slow pace.

    It is also important for you, the parent, to say goodbye to your child when you leave. Do not just drop them off and leave, hoping they will not notice you gone. They will notice and they will be upset. By saying goodbye to them, you will let them know you will be back.

    It also will help a child to bring something from home. Whether it is an old blanket or stuffed animal, it is a reminder of home and it will help to ease their anxiety. You can also give your child something of yours to hang on to. Ask them to keep it for you and you will get it back when you pick them up. This will reassure them that you will be returning.

    No matter how hard on the parent to leave a child, it is worse for the child. By explaining to the child where you will be and when you will return, you will be comforting your child. Remember, although it may take time for your child to get used to you leaving, they will adjust to their new routine.

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