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    What Do I Want To Be When I Grow Up? The $64,000 Question

    By Sara Richmond Walls     

    One of the greatest assets that graduating American high school students have on their side is choice. The wide array of what young adults can choose to “do” with their lives is truly remarkable. While this is a comforting and encouraging thought for most, it can be overwhelming for some. Have you ever felt the panic of indecision welling up in your throat when you look down aisles upon aisle of summer shoes or flip through pages after pages of a dinner menu?

    Sometimes, the overabundance of choices and decisions that we must make leave us stuck and make us settle. Below are a few ways that high school graduates as well as students in their early high school years can help make the right decision for them.

    Job Shadow

    It is my opinion that one of the worst decisions that students can choose to worry about at a young age is what they want to major in when they go to college. Often, students choose their major based on whether or not they like to study a particular subject. What students must understand is that while studying a certain subject may be intriguing, a mastering of an academic major may or may not lead the student into a successful career.

    This is a great time to bring up Stephen Covey’s second Habit from his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective people: Begin with the end in mind. High school is a great time to investigate different options. Job shadowing provides a great opportunity for students to follow individuals already established in a variety of careers. Students can spend a day following physical therapists, morticians, hair stylists, restaurant managers, cardiologists, auto mechanics etc. If the student looks hard enough, he or she can most likely shadow any type of career of his or her choice. If the student falls in love with a career, than he or she can enter college beginning with the end in mind.

    Ignore the Myth

    There is a myth that has permeated American society that every individual must make a heart wrenching choice when determining a career: Be happy, or be financially successful. Consider the plight of the “starving artist.” Unable to give up his passion and love for creating art, the artist must embrace his life’s work even if it means surviving on cereal and SPAM. There is a saying that goes something like this: If you find a job doing what you love, you will never work another day in your life. It make take switching your major midstream, going to graduate school, going to cosmetology school, obtaining your real estate license etc. Think outside the box, be creative and you can be happy and successful in your career.




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