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    Become Best Friends with Your Spouse

    By Serfronya Wallace     

    Arenít best friends great? You laugh together, cry together, and just enjoy one anotherís company. Does this describe your relationship with your spouse? If not, it can. Friendship greatly contributes to the success of a marriage. It wonít happen overnight but the following tips will help you achieve a best friend connection with your partner.

    1. View your spouse as your equal. Marriage is a partnership. What a relief to know that you donít have to micromanage your spouse or constantly tell him what to do. You would not remain friends with someone who bossed you around. So donít lord over your partner or look down on him. Instead, celebrate and cherish your spouse as a unique and equivalent mate.

    2. Do not compete with one another. Each individual brings unique contributions to the relationship. So, there is no need to compare yourself to your partner. Donít race against each other down the road of life. Instead, travel the path together enjoying each otherís special qualities along the way.

    3. Treat each other with kindness. Commit random acts of kindness for your spouse often. Fix his favorite meal without him asking. Pick up that new DVD you know heís been wanting without him asking for it. Do not bully or manipulate to get your way. Your benevolent spirit may inspire your spouse to return the kindness back to you.

    4. Talk nice. Try to always speak to your spouse in a loving tone. Never belittle or put him spouse down with your words. Avoid talking to him when angry. Calm down first and then resume the conversation. This prevents speaking hateful words that canít be erased later.

    5. Share everything. Adopt a Whatís-Mine-Is-Yours attitude. Enjoy possessions equally. That includes your mind and emotions. Let him know the thoughts going through your head. Tell him all about your dreams and desires. Sharing creates closeness.

    6. Spend time together. Physical separation spawns emotional detachment. So be in each otherís presence as much as possible. When feasible, dwell in the same room when you are both at home instead of being on opposite ends of the house. Have date nights or special times during the month when you can be alone together. Find similar interests and activities that each of you can participate in. Call or instant message one another when you canít be together. Remember, friendship is all about togetherness.

    The easiest way to remember how to be best friends with your spouse is to follow the Golden rule. Treat him the way that you want to be treated. Donít expect your spouse to take the first steps toward friendship. You initiate the above tips. Over time an intimate companionship can grow between the two of you.

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