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    Buying Gifts for Baby Showers

    By Darlene Zagata     

    When invited to a baby shower do you automatically find yourself in a quandary over what to buy? Some people shop for the big necessities like a crib, bassinet or stroller while others look at all the little adorable clothes. Still others are practical and purchase a large amount of diapers to keep the new parents in supply for a while. But often the small necessities are overlooked.

    Items such as cotton swabs, baby wipes, bibs, shampoo and lotion may not be considered gift worthy but they are items that new parents need and donít always get at showers. Some well-meaning gift givers may feel that if their gift is not more lavish they will be viewed as cheap but they shouldnít feel that way at all.

    There are numerous useful items that are needed by new parents such as a baby tub, towels, washcloths, a comb and brush set and bottle brushes. Many people assume that the parents already have these things or will get them before the baby is born but even the most prepared parents can forget necessary items. Donít assume the parents already have these things. If you know for certain that they already have a certain item you were planning on getting you can choose something else instead or ask what they need. When it comes to small things like bottles, bottle brushes, pacifiers, rattles or washcloths, it doesnít hurt to have extra. Even laundry soap and burp cloths are very useful and come in handy.

    If you feel that you want to buy more than just a few small items, purchase a wicker basket or even a small laundry basket and fill it with useful items such as wipes, shampoo, lotion, powder, laundry detergent, crib sheets, booties, bibs and any other goodies you can think of. Donít forget a teddy bear or other little stuffed play pal. Buy a sheet of sheer colored wrapping paper, wrap it around the basket, pull it up at the top and tie with a big, bright ribbon. Make your own bow or purchase one to add a finishing touch. Add streamer ribbons from the bow in pink, blue or multicolor. You may even want to attach balloons. Be creative with your gift and the wrapping. Parents will surely appreciate your efforts and creativity. They will also be grateful that you remembered items that everyone else forgot, including them.

    Even though it is a baby shower, another thoughtful idea when buying several small items for the baby is also to make a small package of goodies to pamper the new mom. You can do this by making a separate basket or including a smaller one inside the larger baby basket. You may want to include items such as body butter, bath gel, various lotions, creams and body spray. You may also want to include essential oils, cocoa butter, Aloe Vera gel, rose glycerin soap and scented candles.

    Itís a great way to make a new mother feel pampered and special. After all that hard work of bringing her baby into the world sheíll deserve a little pampering. Remember that great gifts sometimes come in small packages and big ones too!

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