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    Disney World - Tears, Laughter and Memories!

    Provided by Monica Levine-Sauberman from www.FamilyVacationCritics.com     

    Going to Disney World can be quite a bit of work. However, the right planning can make your vacation less hectic and much more memorable. Here are some quick tips to get you started in the right direction.

    1. Hotels: When making a decision about what hotel to stay, look at the age of the children. Staying on property can make it easier for the family. Disney provides the transportation to the parks in easy to use buses, boats and monorails (the kids LOVE these). Also, when you buy goodies and gifts in the park, they will deliver it back to your hotel, which means less packages to carry. The meal plan is also available for Disney guests and during certain times of the year, it is an amazing deal.

    2. Character Meals: If you plan to attend a character meal, book it early. These meals can be booked solid for months, so be sure to make this a priority during your planning. If you plan to visit during a holiday, it is highly recommended that you book every dinner in advance.

    3. Fastpass: In Disneyworld, guests can obtain tickets to popular ridse in advance, valid during certain times of day. If you take advantage of this service definitely Fastpass the rides that are popular. All the hotels have maps of the parks. Grab one and check the rides you want to Fastpass beforehand. For example: Splash Mountain, Space Mountain and Winnie the Pooh Ride. Tip: The Fastpass ticket will indicate a time that you can go on the ride, say 1:20 to 2:30pm. Disney will allow you to use that ticket anytime after 1:20 pm, the ticket does not expire at 2:30pm. Also, after 1:20pm, you will generally be allowed to collect another Fastpass ticket.

    4. Parking: If you stay at a Disney hotel, there is no charge for parking at the theme parks. Thatís a significant savings of $9-$10 per day.

    5. Rain: Rain in Florida can be funny, it often comes and goes quickly. Bring your own rain gear- ponchos are a fortune in the parks!

    6. Room Location: When arriving at the hotel ask for a room that is not near the main pool. While quick access to the pool is beneficial, after a long day at the parks, it can be very loud. Try to get a room that is a little farther away from the pool area for a more relaxing evening.

    7. Other Alternatives: Prices of Disney hotel are sometimes the same as the other off-property hotels. Another place to stay is the rent a condo outside the park. This can often be a great deal for extended families that want to stay together. There is an enormous amount of development going on around the parks and you can often get great deals for 3 and 4 bedroom houses. Also, whatís nice is that Disney allows you to drop off guests at the entrance, so you donít have to park the car even if your entire party is not going in that day. Grandpa and Grandma can drop the family off and go for the day.

    8. Baby Centers: There is a Baby center in every park. These are great places to feed a baby and get out of the sun. The Animal Kingdom has a play area for children.

    9. Dealing with MCO: Orlando International Airport can have very long lines. If you take an early flight lines will be shorter and you do not have to arrive 3 hours in advance. No kidding, it can take that long in Orlando so donít cut it short.

    10. Parades: Parades can be crowded! If you are going to a night time parade, itís best place to sit in the front of the parks (for example, in the Magic Kingdom Ė sit by the oval on Main Street). This way you can make a quick get away OUT! Also, find a spot early, at least 30 minutes in advance. Best parade is the Spectro Magic Parade in the Magic Kingdom.

    Remember Disney can be crowded so choose the dates wisely. If you donít want to hit the crowds, you will probably settle for either long lines and cool temperatures (end of December and most school holidays) or hot temps and short lines (Summer). Disney is still my favorite vacation with my family. I still remember my memories as a child going with my parents. Seeing Disney through my childrenís eyes is always a TREAT!

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