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    Preparing First Time Parents For Baby

    By writingmommy     

    Having a new baby is a wonderful event. From the moment expectant parents find out they are pregnant until the moment the baby is born, parents go into planning mode. Baby showers are held, necessities are purchased, a nursery is decorated and parenting classes are taken. First time parents often feel that having all of these in place prepares them for bringing home baby for the first time. The truth is, nothing can ever really prepare parents, especially first time parents for what life will be like those first few months a newborn is home.

    First time parents are often pampered in the hospital after the blessed event. Many hospitals now offer Jacuzzi tub suites, room service, and a nursery to take the baby so Mom and Dad can get some much-needed rest. Then discharge day arrives and reality sets in. A nurse walks the new parents to their car, waves a good-bye and now the parents realize they are on their own.

    The first time parents drive slowly home, propping up a wobbly newborn neck, constantly checking to make sure the baby is comfortable in his or her car seat. Any car that is too close for comfort becomes the enemy. Nothing should ever come remotely close to causing harm to this baby.

    The first time parents pull up to their house, pull into the garage and bring this newborn into the house. They look around, taking it all in, realizing that suddenly, they are solely responsible for a tiny, new life. The parents begin to panic. They thought they were ready, they have younger brothers and sisters, they both babysat when they were teenagers. After all, taking care of a baby is something they have experience with. The first time parents realize this time it is different, this time they are the parents. Are they ready?

    The baby begins to cry. The new parents look around for a nurse to tell them what to do, realizing that there are no nurses to help this time. The parents decide the baby is hungry, so the baby is fed, changed, burped and swaddled. The baby continues to cry. What is wrong with this baby they wonder? The baby never cried like this in the hospital. Are they doing something wrong? Stress begins to creep in, and the couple argues about what the other could possibly be doing to cause the baby to cry like this. The first time parents begin to question their parenting ability.

    The baby finally calms down, and Mom and Dad decide to get some much-needed rest while the baby sleeps. The baby slept in five hour stretches at the hospital, so Mom and Dad are confident that they will get a nice chunk of sleep before having to do this parenting thing again. Just as both Mom and Dad drift off to dreamland, a piercing cry ripples through the air. They both look at each other, unbelieving that the baby could be hungry again. After all, it has only been an hour since he or she last ate.

    The first time parents try everything to calm the baby; nothing works except feeding it. Exhausted, the parents wonder what in the heck they were thinking when they decided they were ready to have a baby. Mom and Dad begin to see that nothing prepared them for what it would truly be like to bring that new baby home for the first time. Nothing except actually experiencing it, can ever prepare anyone for a new baby, especially first time parents.

    Bringing home a baby for the first time is incredibly stressful. Many first time parents feel completely prepared before the birth of the baby. Many first time parents even feel completely prepared while in the hospital. It is when the baby is first brought home that first time parents often realize just how hard it is. No amount of preparation can really prepare you for what it will be like. Nothing.

    Being prepared is a great idea when expecting a baby. Taking classes and learning as much as possible about parenting is an even better idea. Just realize that being a first time parent is learning experience, and be prepared to feel completely unprepared when the baby comes home.

    Be ready to feel clueless. Be prepared to not know what you are doing. Be prepared to be overwhelmed. Be prepared to feel like you are living in a dense fog that won’t lift. Most of all; be prepared for feeling a love like you have never felt before. Know that you are doing a good job, no matter how bad you think you are at parenting. Know that every parent goes through this first time parenting right of passage. Know that it gets much easier!

    No matter how hard it is, how tired you are, or how overwhelmed you may be feeling, you will know a love like no other. A love that only a parent can have for a child. Yes, be prepared for anything. That is what being a parent is all about!

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