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    Beach Weddings

    By Rajnit     

    Are you planning to get married in a special never-to-forget kind of way? Then, a beach wedding is a definite choice. Nature shall add its own grandeur to the extraordinary ceremony. The cool breeze, the soft white sand under your feet, the vast gently moving expanse of the sea, and the sun or the moon light - all these, infuse a sense of sanctity to the occasion; and make the event truly memorable.

    Beach weddings are a refreshing change from traditional weddings. They are more creative, innovative, and are happily different. A beach wedding can be in a very relaxing environment. The guests, and the kids can have great fun on the beach. You, and your guests can let the hair down, and dress comfortably in casuals.

    You can plan your beach wedding in any way you like. There is plenty of flexibility, and a complete freedom of choice. If you want, the wedding ceremony and the reception together, both can be held on the beach itself. There are no rigid dos and doníts. You have the choice of hiring out everything, and being completely relaxed. Alternatively, you may save some money by letting your imagination take over, and arrange everything yourself. The latter can be a great fun by itself. Beach weddings can be cheaper than the traditional ones. Beach weddings donít always require a permit, especially if you donít need a section of the beach to be blocked off. You can just go ahead, and do it. However, be sure to check with local authorities about beach permit, and beach rules in advance. How late can you stay? Can you play loud music?

    You would do well to select a beach with care. If feasible, and in case it gets too breezy, you can think of a cove on the beach. Fix the time of the day for the wedding - early morning, sunrise, sunset, or night. Make sure that you do visit the selected beach at the chosen time before the D-day. What are the noise levels like? How breezy, cold or hot does it get? Donít forget to check the tide schedule. You wouldnít want to be surprised by a sudden high tide, would you?

    Do take care of the insects, and sunshine on the beach by arranging sunscreens, and insect repellants. The elderly guests may require proper chairs, and umbrellas. Seagulls can be of quite a nuisance value. They love to gatecrash! But, as long as you keep the food covered, they should stay on the sidelines.

    With a little planning, a beach wedding can be wonderfully romantic, and memorable. Donít deny yourself the pleasure of a refreshingly different type of a wedding. Go ahead, plan your beach wedding meticulously, and have fun!

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