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    Five Habits to Banish Boredom from your 9 to 5

    By Sara Richmond Walls     

    When your mother, your father, or your Great Aunt Clara asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up, odds are, you wanted to be something great. A musician. An artist. An astronaut or a rocket scientist. For many of us, these dreams fade into oblivion as we grow up and our debts balloon. Thatís why most of us who are faced with mouths to feed and bills to pay settle on the first paying job that comes our way. Some of us love the 9 to 5 lifestyle; some of us do not. Regardless of which camp you fall into, the day to day routine can become a bore. Read below for five ways to break the monotony and spice up your workday.

    Mix it Up

    Boredom often stems from your day to day routine, beginning earlier in the day then you might expect. Do you always brush your teeth before you shower? Once youíre in the shower, do you always start by washing your hair? Mix it up. Take a different route to work. Once youíre at work, turn your routine on its head. I know, I know. You start everyday with your morning routine. As do I. I make the coffee, check the mailbox, check general voice mail and remind the agents of floor duty. Yes, all of this must take place in the mornings. But the rest is all a matter of getting the work done. If your work is similar, mix up your day. Take it in chunks.

    Look for More Work

    I know this is a scary thought, but the more work you have to do, the busier you will be and you will have a greater sense of accomplishment. Make a list of tasks that you can complete in your downtime. Keep writing until the bottom of the list reads: Scrub the Baseboards. Yes, this is a dirty task that your office probably hires a cleaning staff to do. No, you will probably never reach the bottom of your list. But with a list that long, your work hands will never go hungry.

    Make Your Space Your Own

    One of the worst aspects of offices is that they feel so opposite to the cozy, comfort of home. The best solution: Warm up your space. Ask your boss if you can paint. Hang your favorite prints on the wall. Scatter family photos around. If youíre lucky, your supervisor will allow you to express your personality as long as it is professional.

    Keep the Faith

    Last but not least, hold on to your dreams. If a 9 to 5 allows you to fulfill these dreams, adhere to the four points above to keep it fresh and new. But, if the 9 to 5 is preventing you from achieving your goals and living out your dreams, then ditch the job. No, it is not easy. Yes, it takes planning. Donít forget your responsibilities, but more importantly, remember your heart.

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