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    Little Girl, Know Thyself - Remembering Your Passion in a Man’s World

    By Sara Richmond Walls     

    Today’s world is one in which it is easy to lose for women to lose their passion. While for some, passion is a powerful positive, society tends to view passion as a reckless, careless force that has the ability to lead us to decisions of impulse. Passion, however, is not an emotion. It is a deep, overwhelming love or care for someone or something. The things in our lives that we are passionate about tend to be the things that we wake up for in the mornings. As a woman who married young, I can account that moving from the parental home to the home a woman has with her husband can lead to a loss of identity. I went from daughter, to student, to working wife. I strive every day to make sure that the passions that I enjoy are still maintained.

    Not Just a Phase

    The first step in remembering your passion is to look to your childhood. What made you happy? What made time standstill and the world disappear for you? How do you feel about those things or actions now? As you are answering these questions, resist the urge to limit yourself with statements like “Oh, but I was young and foolish then.” List everything that you loved. My list would read something like this: making up stories, playing in the dirt, singing, and playing pretend.

    Next on your passion to-do list is forgetting the “phase lie.” How many times have you heard your mother say about your actions “It’s just a phase”? Parents hope and pray sometimes that their children’s passion, such as a passion for singing, painting, or working weird mathematic equations, will dissolve. Why? They don’t want to see their children’s dreams broken. The problem is that these passions are rooted deeply within us. If we do not acknowledge them, we feel either a nagging until we do, or, we feel emptiness within ourselves.

    Don’t be Afraid to Grow Up

    Look at your list of passions from your childhood. I’m sure some of them seem a bit silly, such as “Put on Superman costume and pretend to fly around the house.” If we do some of these things when we are adults, we might be committed. But, if we take the essence of those childhood passions and apply them to our adult lives, we will in fact reconnect with those passions. For example, I enjoyed playing in the dirt and singing. I can let these passions grow up with me by learning to throw pottery and taking singing lessons. For you superheroes out there, volunteer, and do your part to help save the world.

    Take Yourself Seriously

    Finally, you need to take yourself seriously. Women often feel the need and are often expected to be the ultimate nurturer and live in complete selflessness. We give up our times, energy and hearts to our jobs, our children, our husbands, the church, community organizations etc. Here is the problem: We can only give that which is within ourselves. If we are empty, all we can give to others is emptiness. Fill your life with passion, so that out of the abundance, you are able to give.

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