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    15 Unique Ways to Thrill Your Mother on Mother's Day

    By Candice Pardue     

    Wondering how you can be a blessing to your
    mother this Mother's Day? Think about it -
    she labored when you were a child to make
    sure you had every need met. She pampered
    you as a baby, taught you as a toddler,
    comforted you as a teen and helped encourage
    you as you grew into an adult.

    Now, you'd like to show her your appreciation,
    but maybe you're all out of fresh ideas. Here's
    a list of 15 thoughtful ways to thrill your
    mother this Mother's Day without spending
    a fortune...

    1. Send a Hallmark e-card to your mother's
    email scheduled to be delivered on Mother's
    Day. Most e-cards are free, so this can be
    in addition to your Mother's gift.

    Go to: http://www.hallmark.com/

    2. Create a scrapbook of old photos specially
    taylored for your mother to bring back sweet
    memories. Scrapbooks can be created fairly

    Creative Memories is a great place to start
    for ideas or supplies:


    3. Find out where your mother and father
    first met or had their first date, and
    buy a gift certificate if possible. This
    will depend on whether or not the special
    place is nearby. What mother wouldn't like
    a little romance to celebrate her motherhood?
    After all, she deserves it!

    4. If you have children, get each of them
    to create a special handmade card for your
    mother (their grandmother), letting her
    know how much she means to you and them.

    5. Take your mother on a shopping spree
    and buy lunch at her favorite restaurant.

    6. Create a web page (if you or a friend
    have the skill), and dedicate it to your
    mother. Include some family photos, history,
    some fun memories, etc. Send your mother
    the link to view her page by email on
    Mother's Day as a special surprise.

    7. Have a surprise cookout and invite
    some family and friends over for lunch.

    8. Cook a special meal for your mother
    and you alone - this can be a great time
    to catch up on life and have some great

    9. Buy your mother some lovely
    flowers or plants and help her plant them
    in her yard. Roses are beautiful and
    will bloom every year.

    10. If your mother's not going to be
    home on Mother's Day, clean her house
    while she's away. If she's home, you can
    stop by and pick up her car for a good
    cleaning (inside and out).

    11. Buy a gift related to your mother's
    favorite hobby. For example, if your
    mother loves to sew, buy her some
    accessories that you know she'll need
    while sewing, or some material for a
    new dress. If she loves to cook, buy
    her a new set of pots and pans, etc.

    12. If you live near a vacation spot,
    such as the mountains or a beach, take
    your mother to spend the day. Some of
    our best times growing up were one-day
    trips of fun! If you don't stay overnight,
    this can be very affordable.

    13. If your mother's health is not up to par or she's not
    able to go out (bedstricken or staying in a nursing home),
    plan to spend the entire day with her if possible. Take
    her flowers and a card, maybe some baked
    goods to show her you care. Spend time
    just talking with her. This is the
    best gift of all in many cases.

    14. Look around your mother's home to
    see if there are needs. Perhaps your
    mother's windows need new curtains. You
    can buy new curtains to match her
    rooms and help her hang the curtains.
    Check her bathrooms to see if the
    shower curtains or rugs need to be
    replaced. Every woman loves to decorate!

    15. Last, but not least, treat your
    mother to some homemade goodies made
    by you and/or your kids. Bake her some
    cookies, brownies, muffins - whatever
    she likes. Make a nice basket with
    a Mother's Day card. Add a special
    touch to the goodies by including
    her initials on every item.

    These ideas will hopefully get your
    wheels turning this Mother's Day to
    help you find a great gift for that
    special lady you call "Mother."

    Written by Candice PardueRate this article:

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