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    Celebrating Halloween In Your Neighborhood

    By Charlotte Gerber     

    Halloween is one of my favorite holidays each year. I love the spicy smell of the colorful fallen leaves and the change to cooler weather. I suppose Iím waxing nostalgic by remembering all of the fun I had in school making paper pumpkins, scary black cat masks and black construction paper spiders with pipe cleaner legs.

    There are many ways to celebrate this holiday in your own home or your neighborhood. A popular way for a group of parents to celebrate this holiday is to have a progressive Halloween dinner. One of the benefits of a progressive dinner on this holiday is ensuring that your children actually eat before they hit the candy.

    The general idea of a progressive dinner is to put each family in the group in charge of a specific part of the meal. The meal starts at the first house, which serves appetizers. The children get to trick or treat the family at the house as well. After appetizers are enjoyed, the group then moves to the next house for their first course and more trick-or-treating. This continues until they reach the house serving dessert. A simple alternate idea is to have each household serve several different appetizers. There are other benefits to this type of meal as well such as little children enjoying trick-or-treating at houses that are considered safe and gaining a sense of community and togetherness with your neighbors. The progressive Halloween dinner often becomes a neighborhood tradition after it has been started.

    If you live in the country you may opt to have fun with this holiday by decorating on a large scale. Many people who have large front yards put on a display for Halloween that rivals that of theme parks. All it takes is a little imagination and perhaps a few power tools. Little children love to decorate for the holidays and this can be done even on a small budget. Remember the construction paper and pipe cleaner scenario? It is still as effective today as it was some thirty years ago.

    Templates for pumpkins, bats and cats can easily be found and downloaded from the Internet or simply drawn freehand. Children can also create little creepy creatures from modeling clay or haunted houses from Popsicle sticks. Older children can make life-sized ghosts from a T-shaped from 1 x 2ís, cheesecloth and fabric sizing. Teens also like to make faux tombstones from Styrofoam that can be purchased at many home improvement stores. The tombstones can be cut with a band saw with the help of an adult and then decorated by using wood carving tools and black acrylic paint or even glow in the dark paint for an extra creepy effect.

    Fall is a great time of year to let your imagination take flight. Get to know your neighbors with a fun and creative progressive meal and let your children have a ball with a variety of art supplies. Youíll create many fun memories that will last a lifetime!

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