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    Help Your Child to Learn Vocabulary Words

    By Darlene Zagata     

    If your child has difficulty learning vocabulary words there are ways that you can make it fun for them. Instead of going over the list of words in a mechanical, repetitive fashion try making a game of it instead. Remember that if youíre going to make a game of it, you need to have some sort of prize. The prize can be anything you want it to be. Examples of prizes may include money, candy, phone time, extra television time, staying up later than usual or any other number of ideas. Use your imagination.

    You will want to vary the game as well. Change up the order of the words since we tend to memorize them in sequence. Round one of the game may include having the child spell the word whereas in round two you may read the definition and have the child select the appropriate word. In round three the child can provide the definition for each word. Keep score and add up the total amount of points your child has earned during the course of the game. You can have different prizes determined by the amount of points accumulated. You may even want to have a grand prize.

    When learning is dull and repetitive children become bored easily. They are much more eager and willing to learn when learning is fun. Games provide a child with a refreshing incentive to put forth their best effort. It is often during playful moments like this that parents realize just how much their child really does know. Of course, learning canít always be fun and games but it is a nice break from a monotonous routine.

    I loved playing word games with my kids. Even during the summer months we would still continue to play. I would take words from the dictionary and make a list. We would do the same type of thing with history and science. Playing games such as these helped to refresh their memories and made learning easier. It also helped to expand their vocabulary.

    Encourage your child to read. Reading is a great way to learn new information, expand your childís vocabulary and your own. If your child is too young to read, you can always read to your child. Children are never too young to have their parents read to them. Many expectant mothers read to their unborn children. Itís never too early to start teaching your child. Children soak up knowledge like a sponge so teach them healthy, positive learning habits.

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