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    “Are We There Yet?”

    By Sara Richmond Walls     

    The words “Are we there yet?” are often predicted from the lips of a child, anxious to arrive quickly to their destination, be it the park or grandmother’s house. We are expected to cultivate a certain amount of patience as we grow up and develop over the years. In some cases, we do. We acknowledge that traffic will impact our trip to our grandmother’s house and that elevation may affect cooking time.

    Still, when it comes to our “life’s purpose,” 20-somethings could not be more impatient. Somewhere in the midst of college courses and parents expectations, personal goals and dreams become entangled in a web of indecision and panic. Within this web, young adults become frustrated and panicked. 20-somethings expect that after college or training they will find the perfect job, the perfect home, and the perfect significant other. When it doesn’t happen, the impatience grows. How does this happen and how do we learn patience? Read below.

    Options, Options Everywhere

    One of the mixed blessings about being a 20-something in today’s society is the smorgasbord of options that are laid out before young adults. Psychologists have noted that having too many options can leave people overwhelmed. The plethora of career choices available can paralyze a person with indecision. Even if one can narrow down the field in which they wish to work, there are several specialties and sub-specialties in which he must assign himself. Often, 20-somethings find themselves solidifying their lives through a process of negation. And this process of filtering through and stumbling and making mistakes takes time.

    Forgetting Youth

    In addition to being bombarded with options, 20-somethings tend to also forget their youth. They look at the people who are successful at whatever it is they want to be successful in, and they want to be at that level now. What they forget is that success does not come over night. It takes time; and what most 20-somethings do have is time.

    How do We Grow Patience?

    One way to aid patience is to situate our lives in our own perspectives so that we have a more realistic outlook of where we are and where we are headed. Take a look at your life where you are now. Then, look at how far you have come. What hurdles you have already crossed and what mountains you have already climbed. Then, look at where you are going. It may seem like this gigantic peak looming before you. Remember that the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. Make small goals, and as you achieve them, reward yourself for achieving them.

    Remember that unless literal blood is shed, most set-backs are not life or death. Mistakes and mishaps happen. Simple rotten luck happens. When bumps form in the road, stop, and repeat the process listed in the paragraph above.

    Don’t establish the peak of the mountain as your place of ultimate happiness. Happiness is a state of being. It cannot rest entirely in the perfect life; it comes from within. Remember it is a journey, and in enjoy the journey.


    We live in an instant gratification society. We eat fast-food, get our oil changed at the Jiffy Lube, buy our milk at the Quickie Mart, and paint our nails with fast-drying nail polish. All the while we focus on that which we want, instead of enjoying and being grateful for that which we have.

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