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    Bratz V. Barbie: Are Our Little Girls Growing Up Too Fast?

    By Sara Richmond Walls     

    When I was young, I loved Barbie. I loved dressing her, styling her hair, and manipulating her life. These days, Barbie has some stiff competition in the world of little-girl play time. That competition is stemming from a product created by MGA Entertainment, a product known as Bratz. Somewhere between tweens and teenagers, these fashion-focused dolls are taking over the world.

    Though they were originally born in 2001, Bratz dolls seem to be increasingly growing in popularity. Mattel has even produced their own line of hip dolls known as Flavas to try and keep up. When you compare the difference in appearance and where these dolls seem to be heading in their lives, itís not hard to see why these girls are creating controversy among parents.

    Bratz V. Barbie Fashion

    Barbieís sense of fashion over the years has changed with the decades. Depending on the type of Barbie, she could be wearing a mini-skirt and sweater, or an elegant evening gown. Typically, Barbie wears moderate make-up and a charming smile. The Bratz dolls, conversely, wear thick makeup, eyes lined heavily with liner and shadowed with shadow. Her eyes are locked in a seductive gaze and her lips heavily lined and vibrantly colored, the Bratz doll wears low-rise jeans, halter tops, and spiky boots. Though there have been Barbie collections, such as Lingerie Barbie, that may not be appropriate for children, it is generally easy for parents to find more conservatively clothed Barbie dolls.

    Bratz V. Barbie Occupation

    In addition to fashion, Barbie and the Bratz dolls also have different take on career life. Barbie has been everything, from a veterinarian to an astronaut. Bratz, however, spend their time hanging out at the mall and enjoying slumber parties. Perhaps playtime is not the time for little girls to be worrying about what they want to do for the rest of their lives, but there is something to be said for the life that these dolls are portraying. Barbie spends her time challenging male-dominating roles such as doctor and scientist. The Bratz dolls, however, seem to hold a superficial mentality based on materialism.

    Should You Be Concerned?

    A line is drawn between the dolls that children play with during playtime and how they want to live their own lives. Whether a child prefers Bratz over Barbie or not, it is important that parents explain to them the difference between real-life and make-believe. It is up to the parents to establish how much make-up is too much and how low is too low for a pair of blue jeans. While Barbie also had a large amount of controversy surrounding her when she first appeared on the scene, parents should be aware of the toys their children are playing with and how it is affecting their perceptions of the world in which we live.

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