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    Bad Mood Rising

    By Glenn A. Hascall     

    Early in my broadcast career I remember playing music from CCR (Credence Clearwater Revival). One of the songs that was most often requested was Bad Moon on the Rise.

    Like everyone else I enjoyed the song (even though it was no happy tune).

    A recent incident with my children who were consistently at each other's throats found me revisiting the words to that song and under parody rules I offer a slightly different version for parents to consider and sing if they like.

    Bad Mood on the Rise

    I see blood pressure rising. I see trouble on the way. I see fussin' and fightnin'. I see bad times today.

    Don't go around tonight Well there's bound to be a sight There's a bad mood on the rise.

    I hear tempers a blowing. I know intervention's coming soon. I fear tears are over flowing. I hear a voice mad and out of tune.

    Don't go around tonight Well there's bound to be a sight There's a bad mood on the rise.

    Let's spend some time apart together. Let's spend some asking ourselves, why. Looks like we're in for nasty weather. One eye's been taken for an eye.

    Don't go around tonight, You're grounded for the rest of your life, Let's stop that bad mood on the rise.

    Can I get a witness?

    Parenting is a very difficult job and often very thankless. Most children have no idea what parents go through until they have children of their own and then they feel a little embarrassed to come back and let mom and dad know they finally 'get it'.

    So as parents we slog through the difficult moments when it appears there is no means of thwarting a global conflict and we often have to resort to drastic measures.

    My son found his 'Bad Mood Rising' just last night. I told him the consequences of his misbehavior and he went ahead and submitted to 'nasty weather'. He seemed befuddled when I fulfilled my pledge of consequence and sent him to his room.

    "Sorry, Dad," he called from the other room.

    "I'm glad to hear that, Son," I returned.

    "So, can I go do what I want now?" he asked.

    "Um, sorry," I replied.

    "I said I was sorry," he said in anger.

    "I realize that, Son, but I wanted you to obey instead of needing to apologize," I replied.

    Sometimes a little time alone can cause our thinking to become a bit more clear when we find a bad mood rising. That's true for children and it's true for the parents who raise them.

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