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    Teenagers and the Importance of Discipline

    By Bonnie Conrad     

    Parenting is a job with many rewards, and many challenges, and dealing with teenagers and their daily rebellions has got to be one of the most difficult parts of being a parent. In fact, dealing with a stubborn teenager has made many a parent long for the easier days of the terrible twos and potty training.

    Dealing with a teenager has never been easy, and the challenges and dangers of the world today have made it that much harder. After all, previous generations never had to deal with online predators, inappropriate websites, illegal music and movie downloading and other modern challenges.

    Even thought the technology has changed, however, human nature in general, and the nature of teenagers in particular, has not changed so much. Teenagers are still testing their freedom, and testing authority, and it is up to every parent to exercise good judgment and set consistent ground rules in order to keep that rule challenging in check.

    Ground rules are important in parenting, and even though teens may not realize it now, those ground rules will be very much appreciated as they get older. Structure and discipline are critical parts of successful parenting, and while it is great to be your teenagerís best friend, it is even more important to be his or her mom or dad. No matter how rebellious the teen, structure and discipline can make a huge difference.

    When establishing this structure and discipline, consistency is the key. Children and teenagers are very good at picking up on inconsistency, and when rewards and punishments are not handled fairly or consistently discipline is lost. It is important to set some basic ground rules, and to adhere to them without exception. If the teenís Saturday night curfew is midnight, coming in at 12:05 a.m. is unacceptable. If the rules of the house dictate no door slamming, even one such slam is one too many. Structure and discipline can work wonders, but only if applied consistently and in every situation.

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