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    Run Your Marriage Like You’d Run a Business Partnership

    By Kristen Houghton     

    If you were CEO of a fledgling company, knowing it had great potential to be a solid and productive Fortune 500 business, how would you handle the day-to-day operation? Would you take as little responsibility as possible and let it run itself hoping and praying for good financial returns or would you work hard at helping it to achieve its highest expectations? Would you involve yourself in the details and listen to someone who told you something wasn’t working or would you leave all the work to others and ignore what you didn’t want to see?

    Given the chance to own a potentially profitable company that would pay major dividends in the future, most of us would try our hardest to make it the best it could be. We should give the same consideration to the business of marriage.

    No one likes to think of their marriage as being compared to a business; it takes away the “romantic love” part of the relationship. But the dynamics in marriage are similar to those in any well-run company. Fiscal responsibility, health benefits, partnership, and profit margins all can figure into a married relationship as well.

    If we see our relationship as a growing business, with set and detailed future plans, we can have a marriage that will grow successfully. We need time to build emotional resources, increase financial stability, and make alternate plans to weather unexpected situations.

    Think of your marriage as a partnership which you want to be successful. Set goals and agree to achieve them as a team. Remember the most successful partnerships utilize the best and unique qualities of each partner. One of you may have an expertise in finances while the other excels in planning and details. You need to respect and honor these attributes in each other the same way business partners

    Statistics have shown that, Donald Trump and wives notwithstanding, couples who have created a successful business together also have a good and solid marriage. The qualities which make their company a success work equally as well in their marriage. Steve Wynn and his wife Elaine Paschals of Las Vegas fame are a great example. Married over forty years, they are successful in marriage and in business.

    Running your marriage like a private company, with good communication and the desire to have it succeed makes good sense.

    And there are fringe benefits. You can have a dinner business meeting with your partner and afterwards, go home and cuddle up together.

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