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    Gifts From The Heart On Valentine Day

    By Kristen Houghton     

    You know Valentine Day is coming because all the stores are having specials on heart shaped jewelry. Specialty candy shops are creating fancy chocolates and pastry shops are hauling out their tried and true “recette d’amore,” or recipes of love.

    Who was St. Valentine, the man who started this Hallmark holiday? Many people like to believe that he was Valentinius, a soft-hearted, romantic priest who, without the required permission of Emperor Claudius II, performed the marriages of young, eloping lovers from Rome’s upper class. Unfortunately, Claudius was neither romantic nor soft-hearted. Valentinius lost his head. Literally

    Some say Valentinius was a Roman pagan who was an early animal behaviorist. He noted February fourteenth as a propitious time to be on the outlook for a mate by noting that birds, in anticipation of spring, mated at this time of year.

    Romantic Victorians delighted in the idea of finding a love match, took it to “heart,” and began the custom of sending elaborate greeting cards, flowers, and chocolates to potential lovers.

    Whatever story we believe, the world designates this day in February for love, romance, and gifts.

    Marriage is a wonderful expression of love and commitment. But even the best love occasionally needs a little tweak to make your spouse feel special.

    Despite jewelers assertion that, “a diamond says love,” you don’t have to break the bank to show your love. Try giving gifts from the heart.

    Instead of having a dozen roses sent to your wife, personally pick two and bring them to her. Let them symbolize the two of you as a couple. Wrapped up with baby’s breath and a ribbon, and hand delivered by you, it means more than having the largest bouquet arrive in a florist’s van.

    Try a simple dinner out at a favorite, inexpensive place instead of going to a pricey restaurant that will overcharge you for this holiday. More fun, less stuffy.

    Buy ice cream cones and take a walk in the park while the sun is setting. This is sweetly romantic.

    Hold hands as you watch “When Harry Met Sally” or any other romantic movie where boy gets girl and girl gets boy. Throw in some popcorn and you’ve got a date!

    Dance to a favorite song while holding each other very close. Go to wherever it takes you.

    Remember, there’s a reason the heart is a symbol of Valentine Day. It is a reminder of love and so are gifts from the heart.

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