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    Falling in Love Again With Your Spouse

    By Kristen Houghton     

    It may seem like some screwball romantic comedy from the 1930’s you find on a classic movie channel. The husband and wife have a fight, separate, find out they can’t live without each other, meet accidentally and fall in love all over again.

    Life’s not like a screwball comedy and you don’t have to separate from your husband to fall in love all over again. Sometimes love just goes into a dormant stage and we simply ignore it. But the love that brought you together the first time can weave its magic again and again.

    The glow of new love is a precious gift but, like any gift, the glow tarnishes over time. This doesn’t mean that you’re not fond of that gift. It just means that you get caught up in every day matters and the gift is put on the shelf.

    In marriage we know that we are loved, we assume it; we take it for granted. Life takes over and our marriage takes a back seat. But then there comes a moment when we remember the feeling of being in love and fall in love all over again.

    My cousin told me: “We were getting ready for a party and my husband was tying his tie. It was something I’ve seen him do many times but this time I really watched him. I saw how he concentrated, getting it just right. In the mirror he saw me watching and gave me a wink and a smile. He did something like that when we were dating and I felt my heart jump. I was overwhelmed with love.”

    A colleague once said that she fell in love with her husband again after he quit his job. “It was a high stress job and he was so miserable in it. When he found a position that he really liked, he became a different man. No, actually he became the man he was when I first met him; laid-back and happy. Seeing him like that I remembered falling in love with him in the first place.”

    The idea of “happily ever after” only works in fairy tales. If they were real, our favorite princes and princesses would go through “dormant” spells in their own marriages.

    It doesn’t take a whole lot to fall in love again. It only takes remembering why you fell the first time and seeking to find that reason again. Look for the magic. It’s still there and waiting for you to find it.

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