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    Mini-Vacations: Good for a Relationship

    By Kristen Houghton     

    The first days of Spring seem to have a strange effect on humans. It’s not the same effect the season has on the creatures with whom we share the earth. It has nothing to do with nesting or mating; it has to do with a singularly human necessity.

    You and your spouse need a vacation! And you need it soon!

    Though we can vacation throughout the year, Spring seems to signal the start of the “real” vacation season, most especially if you live in an area where the winters are less than pleasant. The prospect of warmer weather makes us almost giddy.

    But what if you absolutely can’t get away for a week or longer? There are other ways to escape and mini-vacations can refresh you almost as well as a seven or ten day get-away.

    What are mini-vacations? They can be as short as simply going away overnight or as long as a four day weekend, whether that “weekend” actually comes at the end, or in the middle, of the week. Many places offer great deals on mid-week get-aways and a Bed and Breakfast is an excellent choice. Check out sites for Bed and Breakfasts on the Web. You will find all the information you need for any specific area you choose.

    The pleasure of going to a bed and breakfast is that most of them are located in themed time periods. You can book a room in a Victorian inn or a French auberge (little hotel) with the bedrooms looking exactly as if you had stepped into another world. Breakfasts at these places are substantial and good. Remember that your hosts live there so it is almost as if you are guests at an inviting private residence.

    Many name hotels offer special package deals both mid-week and on certain week-ends of the month. It pays to call up one of the major hotels in your area and ask about their specials. Ask to be put on a list that will allow them to contact you about special rates and dates. Don’t worry, the reputable hotel chains will not sell your name, home or e-mail addresses to solicitors.

    Browse the internet for vacation deals at resorts. You will be surprised at some of the combined low room rates and air fares you’ll see. Never be afraid to negotiate. A breakfast, vouchers for dinners or entertainment, two-for-one meals, spa services; hotels and resorts are in the business to keep their rooms occupied. They are more than willing to “give in order to get.” A satisfied guest is a returning guest.

    Vacations, mini or otherwise, are an excellent way to renew your spirit, your outlook, and your relationship. You deserve one soon.

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