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    You, Your Man, and Your Pet

    By Kristen Houghton     

    You love your guy, you love your pet and they love you too. You want everyone to be one happy family. But what happens if the man doesn’t want to live with the beast? What then?

    I am an animal lover, no mistake about that. Cats, dogs and a rabbit named Richard have all been a part of my life at one time or another. I feel strongly that my life would not be complete without a furry “human.”

    Fortunately my husband is a pet lover too, although standing in the rain with a puppy that has “to go” at 2:00 AM is not his idea of fun. But we compromise by taking turns.

    If you are an animal lover, you usually have a relationship with a person who feels the same way. You are drawn together by this and other shared feelings. Occasionally, however, opposites attract and you meet someone who is not an “animal person.” They would never be cruel to any animal, they just prefer that their home not by shared by any creature with fur or feathers.

    My husband’s best friend is one of these. An easy-going man in most respects, he abhors the idea that we share our bed with two pets. His girlfriend very much wants to have a dog, he doesn’t, and that is posing a serious problem to their relationship.

    Having been raised in a certain area of the country can give you a different outlook on animals. If your guy has been raised in a farming or meat producing community, his attitude towards animals is considerably different than someone from the city or the suburbs. He doesn’t think of animals as pampered pets.

    It is hard to change anyone’s mind about having or not having a pet. Some feelings are ingrained from childhood. If your parents felt that pets messed up a house, then chances are good you’ll carry that idea with you into adulthood.

    If one of you is allergy prone to pet dander, that presents another problem. Allergy meds help, and there are certain sprays and pet shampoos that can eliminate dander, but you have to commit to a strict regimen if you want to keep the allergy at bay.

    Bringing a pet into your home is similar in many ways to having a child. Both partners must agree to having one, sharing the care and expenses.

    A good bit of advice is, that if pets are an important part of your life, it might be best to be with someone who shares your “animal love.”

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