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    Teens and Money – The Importance of Giving

    By Bonnie Conrad     

    When kids and teens finally start earning their own money, often the last thing they want to do is give it away. It is important, however, to instill a sense of charity and community in our kids, and that charitable giving should not be limited to mom and dad. Even the youngest kids can get involved in charitable giving, providing their skills, their time and their money to causes they find important.

    It is important for parents to insist that the teen workers in their homes give at least 10% of what they earn to the church they attend, or to their favorite charity. Giving to those less fortunate is an essential part of being a good citizen and a good person, and it is never too early to learn this important lesson.

    The importance of charity and giving to others in need can start even before the kids begin to earn their own money. . Many parents like to allocate a portion of their kids’ allowances to charities and good works. Not only does this type of giving provide a good feeling, but it also teaches kids, teens and adults to live on less than they earn. The importance of living beneath one’s means simply cannot be overstated, and charitable giving is one more way to achieve this all important fiscal discipline.

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