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    Doing Nothing Can Be Good for You!

    By Kristen Houghton     

    Maybe it’s in my genetic make-up or maybe being an only child has something to do with it, but I always feel as if I have to be in charge of everything in my life at all times. Nothing is left to chance and I feel that if I don’t “do something” it won’t “get” done. I am vigilant to a fault.

    It’s not a pleasant way to live; there’s no down time even during sleep. My mind constantly checks and anticipates any and all contingencies in my life, my marriage, my work.

    Recently I was laid up with a sinus infection so bad that I was unable to do more than sit. The dizziness brought on by the infection left me immobile. While at first I worried that there were “things” I had to do, I found out that the world, my world, was able to function quite nicely without my constant input. Actually I think everything went a lot better without me handling all of it.

    Too many times we rush from one task to another and never allow ourselves to just do nothing. Heaven forbid we’re not in control! So many people are depending on us!

    But the upshot is that we don’t have to take care of all situations all the time. Sometimes the best action we can take is no action at all. It can free you from the burden of having to “be all, to all.”

    Ask yourself what would happen if you were not in charge of everything? Think of the worst case scenario then try to work through it. How would you deal with it? What would really happen if you weren’t on top of all things in your life? Not much is my guess.

    A former co-worker of mine had a great saying for when anyone worried about getting everything done. She always said, “What’s the worst that can happen if you sometimes don’t? It’s not like you’re going to be shot at dawn! Be realistic. You’ll survive.”

    Being in charge takes its toll in sleepless nights and hassled days; no one needs to go through life like that. You don’t have to let go of everything, but prioritize what is really important in your life.

    Choose a few things where your input and expertise are a necessity. Make a list of what you really need and want to do. Be completely honest with yourself. You don’t need, or truly want, to run the whole show.

    Doing nothing is an “action” that allows you to stop and take a breather. The world will function quite well without your constant vigilance and, guess what?... so will you.

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