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    Proper Nutrition During Pregnancy

    By H. Carla     

    You are what you eat. That is a term that you probably heard quite often as you were growing up. Well, now that you are a mother to be and you are carrying a precious baby, it is more important than ever that you listen to those previous words of wisdom.

    Take care while you are pregnant to stay away from foods that have all sorts of chemicals and additives. Such food and drink will include sodas, sugary sweets, fried foods and anything that has an overabundance of preservatives.

    You need to make sure that you are getting the proper amount of nutrients to not only maintain your health, but to also promote the healthy growth of your baby. Eat plenty of vegetables and make sure that you take in plenty of folic acid as well. Great ways to bring folic acid into your diet will include things such as orange juice, broccoli, spinach and of course your prenatal vitamins.

    Staying away from alcoholic beverages is a must. Listen to your obstetrician or mid-wife as he or she will tell you the kinds of foods that you should limit or completely take out of your diet while you are pregnant or nursing after the baby is born. Certainly, some food and beverages can be consumed in moderation, so following their guidelines are always your best bet.

    A healthy mother equals a healthy baby. It is only nine months out of your life, which can mean a lifetime worth of goodness and health for your child.

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