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    Age is Only a Number- Really!

    By Kristen Houghton     

    We all know someone who “doesn’t look their age.” Most times we say this in a complimentary way, as in, “You’re forty-eight! Wow! You don’t look it!”

    And sometimes not so complimentary, “Would you believe she’s only thirty? I thought she was a lot older!”

    Age really is just a number marked by a twelve month calendar that ticks off the years. Unfortunately we are defined by that number because of our preconceived ideas of what that number “should” look like.

    No one associates Goldie Hawn, Suzanne Somers, or Tina Turner with age numbers in the sixties. Yet they all are. Think men in their fifties are old? Mark Harmon and Denzel Washington are fifty-something men. Not old at all!

    Still when we think of anyone fifty or sixty years old, in our mind’s eye we see someone resembling a stereotypical version of an old person. That’s a bit sad and completely unfair.

    Your chronological age isn’t necessarily your “real” age. It all depends on how well you feel and act. While physical health has a lot to do with age so does your attitude. It’s a mindset.

    On a vacation a few years ago, a group from our hotel was going on a tour to climb a rock formation which was under a waterfall. There were people in their twenties and thirties and one couple in their fifties. It was a slippery challenge and we all wanted to reach the summit first, but the “fifty and fit” people beat everyone, except the seasoned guide, to the top!

    If it is true that we are only limited as to what we can do by our imagination and our will, then aging should be a cinch. Jacques Cousteau scuba-ed in his eighties, Broadway dancer Ann Miller danced well into her seventies, Michelangelo did his last sculpture at eighty-four, and Diane de Poitiers of France was considered “the most beautiful equestrian in all Europe” at the age of sixty-seven. These people always did what made them feel good. Think of “older” people you know who defy the stereotype of their age number in looks and agility.

    I know people who cry over turning thirty and “losing their youth” and people who celebrate being fifty saying this is their second youth. There are those who feel old in their twenties and others who feel young in their forties. It all depends on how you think about life.

    Good genes help but good attitude and caring for your health are to your benefit. Trying new physical activities is a plus too.

    So the next time you’re doing something that might not seem “age appropriate,” remember, Acting your “real” age is not always appropriate either!

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