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    Achieving the Ultimate Joy: Love

    By writerightmom     

    Love is an extremely powerful emotion that penetrates a lot deeper than what can be detected on the surface. Love is experienced physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This potent emotion shapes us as individuals, enriches our lives, and can bring us great personal fulfillment. Human beings were created to be loving individuals that thrive off companionship, love and intimacy. Love should never be compared to sex, though, because sex is merely a physical act; many people have sex all the time without a single inkling of love present. Love is so much more meaningful than sex, because without love, sex is only a lustful physical act shared between two people.

    Most people will not be completely happy unless they have a life partner, someone special who they can share their life with. This is why itís so important to find love in your life, although this is not always as easy as it seems. People are attracted to one another all the time, but simply being attracted to someone doesnít necessarily mean that love is presentóor ever will be. True and everlasting love grows over time, and continues to flourish as long as itís nurtured. Many people claim to experience love at first sight, and although this may be possible in a few cases, this type of ďloveĒ is most likely simple lust that is mistaken for true love. During the rare occasions when love at first sight does occur, two people are able to almost instantly connect on a mental and emotional level, which is a phenomenon.

    True joy is only achieved when a person is completely satisfied with his or her life. This means that every aspect of his or her life must be successful, including career objectives, finances and personal relationships. When two people truly connect, they have a great deal in common and they complement each other. They donít choose to be together based purely on physical attraction alone, because physical attraction is only one aspect of true love. There are many other important aspects that must be present in order for someone to share a joyful, lasting and loving relationship with another human being.

    So, if youíre searching for the right person to share the greatest pleasure in life with, then you must first love yourself. You must also seek an appropriate life partner for the right reasons, and not just for sex or money. You must be truly in sync with your chosen mate or you will not experience the ultimate joy that you deserve. You also must not settle for the first person who appears attractive to you. You must ensure that the two of you connect in every way possible and that the two of you are able to transcend in life together in order to enjoy one of the many joys of life that we were meant to experienceólove, the ultimate joy.

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