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    Easy Summer Living, Kids and All!

    By Kristen Houghton     

    What is it about Summer that makes us smile? Is it the promise of long days that ease into the sound of cricket-filled nights, or is it the thought of long planned for vacations? Is it the sweet freedom of being out of school for two months if you’re a child and the promise of early release Fridays if you’re an adult? Those things are nice, but it is much more than that.

    Summer lets those in the northeast experience what states in the warmer zones enjoy all year; the knowledge that warm weather living is easy, breezy, and pleasant.

    Summer is quality family time. You are outdoors more. The kids are giddy with extended play time. You are giddy with an easier schedule; you can stay up later at night and sleep a bit longer in the morning. Your schedule turns from hectic-got-to-get-here-there-and-everywhere to a more relaxed sane time frame.

    Summertime is a wonderful time to reconnect with your immediate and extended family. Making summer plans should be a pleasant occupation for you and your children. If you’re a stay-at-home-mom, making plans is easier, but working moms can map out easy living summer schedules that are good for them and their children.

    Consider the homes of grandparents and favorite aunts and uncles as a mini vacation for your children. Discuss with the adults when they would like to spend some summer time with your children. A picnic in the backyard or in a park, a visit to a zoo, ending with a one night sleepover, makes kids happy and gives you a bit of “me” time.

    Schedule play dates with other parents. Get a small inflatable pool and make sure an adult is always there in the role of lifeguard. Or turn on the sprinklers; for some reason running through water, kids, and summer seem to go together.

    Go on frequent nature walks and see how the “other” summer creatures live. Ants, bees, squirrels, rabbits, and chipmunks are fun to watch in suburbia and rural areas. Cities have their own summer creatures; if you look, you and your child will find some interesting ones.

    You don’t have to watch nature only during the daylight hours; have your children stay up after dark with you and watch fireflies on their nightly journeys. Make up stories about these fascinating, gentle bugs. Watch the night sky and point out the brightest stars.

    Have the kids plan an entire meal from salad to dessert. They can be amazingly creative with a gentle nudge from you to help on nutrition.

    Plant something and watch it grow. Children love this idea. It is also a learning experience.

    Snuggle together and listen to thunder storms. Count the seconds between each lightening appearance and each thunder roll.

    Whatever plans you make this summer, try to remember that summer is a time of relaxing and a slower-paced lifestyle. Summer living is easy, even with kids!

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