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    Going Green

    By Kristen Houghton     

    Thirty seven years ago The New York Times was the first major newspaper to reference the phrase, “the greenhouse effect.” A few years ago, celebrities jumped on the bandwagon and going green became the trend.

    Today, “Going Green” is the catch phrase for anybody who is earth and environmentally conscious. But more than just the latest trend-y saying, going green has become a way of life for many couples and their families.

    Being conscious of the world around us is a simple, but vital thing. A good rule of thumb is to treat the world the way you treat your own home because, in essence, the earth is an extension of our homes. You wouldn’t allow trash to build up in your house, nor would you deliberately poison the inhabitants there. Have the same consideration for the earth.

    Starting off by taking small measures to alleviate polluting our immediate environment will lead to larger global effects. Fuel efficient hybrid cars with the lowest possible emissions, solar energy panels in our homes and buildings, conservation and the highest productive use of rainwater, responsible recycling, organically produced food products; all fall under the global umbrella of “going green.”

    Make your home green by being a responsible consumer. Here are a few ways to “go green.”

    Be up-to-date on environmental issues. Subscribe to legitimate newsletters. Be aware of local ordinances concerning recycling and trash disposal. Become an advocate for cleaner air and pure water.

    Use natural cleaning products for your home and natural products in your yard.

    Assert your spending power and refuse to purchase from companies who pollute or damage the environment. Join a consumer list that tells manufacturers you will not buy their product and why.

    Conserve energy by using fluorescent bulbs and unplugging major appliances when not in use.

    Recycle, not just cans and bottles but large products. If you have a computer you are getting rid of, call the computer company. Many of them offer recycling options.

    Buy items made from natural fabrics, not synthetics.

    Write your local and state representatives about your concerns. Become involved in issues concerning anti-pollution. Discuss ways in which you and your family can help clean up your local neighborhood environment.

    Make your children aware at a young age how important the earth is to all life.

    There is a reason the planet is called Mother Earth. Nurtured and treated with respect, Mother Earth can provide and take care of earth’s children for centuries to come.

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