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    Staying Together for the Kidsí Sake

    By Kristen Houghton     

    Every parent makes sacrifices but staying in an unhappy marriage is a sacrifice that helps no one; not you, not your children. If you believe you can keep your kids in the dark about what is happening in your marriage, youíre wrong. Even the youngest child has a gut feeling that things are not as they should be. Children are sensitive beings who sense unhappiness and tension.

    The emotional stress and damage that a child receives from living in a household where fighting and angry looks occur is tremendous. They are ten times more likely to have dysfunctional relationships of their own in later life. These children fare better having divorced parents living in separate residences.

    Children who live in homes where the parents are pleasant and cordial to each other, even though no longer sharing a marital bed, learn that there are polite ways to deal with lifeís issues. Their parents have a marriage of convenience. The children benefit from having their parents stay together because there is no spousal animosity or stressful situation.

    Every coupleís issues are different. Staying together for your kidsí sake only works if you and your spouse treat each other with kindness and consideration, balancing the needs of both parents and children. Couples who constantly fight should not stay together for their children. It harms more than it helps.

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