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    Save Money: Find Internet Coupons

    By Angela Baca     

    Are you on a tight budget? If the bills are piling up and you are looking for new ways to save money, keep reading. You’ve already cut down on eating out and entertainment. Before turning off your cell phone or cable service, read here about coupons.

    Americans spend a larger portion of their budget than they realize on shopping for goods and services. Think about it. You shop for items including food, health and beauty, clothing, home cleaning, entertainment, and home décor, to name a few. What you may not know is that you can find valuable coupons on the Internet for many of your favorite retailers and product manufacturers.

    If you have Internet access, look for money-saving coupons on the Internet. At web sites like Judy’s Book and Couponlooker, find coupons from popular retailers like Target, Walgreens, Lowe’s, Best Buy, and RadioShack. At Judy’s Book, you can search by category, by type, by retailer, and by tag. You can also sign up for deal alerts by email.

    Here are some examples of deals that you can find at Judy’s Book:

    1. Target: Plus Size women can save 30 to 50% on their web site. 2. Old Navy: Women can save 15 to 30% at their Plus Size Fall Preview Sale. Shop online. 3. Hickory Farms: Print out an online coupon and save at the grocery store. Get $1.50 off on the 6-oz package of Sliced Beef Summer Sausage. 4. Culligan: Get $100 off the purchase and installation of a Culligan water system for your home.

    No matter what products you buy, you are bound to find a coupon that suits your needs, not just your wants. Just be careful when you go to a store not to buy items that were not on your list. That is the purpose of coupons. Manufacturers and retailers are trying to find enticing ways to get you to spend more money.

    Be a smart shopper and use only the coupons that you need. Avoid buying everything else in the store that looks attractive.

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