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    Going to be Alone for the Holidays? Plan a Vacation!

    By Kristen Houghton     

    Holidays should be like commercials. They abound with happy people. From loving couples holding hands while walking in the snow to smiling families all gathered around a dinner table or seated in front of a beautifully decorated tree, commercials make holidays perfect. There is not one solitary person in any commercials, only couples and crowds.

    But what if you’re going to be alone this holiday season?

    If you’re not part of a happy, smiling, jewelry giving and receiving couple, or if your family is a group of people you’d rather not spend the holidays with, take heart. And take care of yourself by planning to go on a vacation.

    You’re not alone in “being alone” because there are many others in the same situation at holiday time. Vacations have become a major venue for those who might otherwise be spending the holidays on their own, either by circumstances or choice.

    The great news is that resorts, hotels, and vacation spots do cater to singles; they have many festivities that you can attend on your own and still be part of a holiday crowd. From sitting and relaxing in a hot tub surrounded by snow in Reno, Nevada to watching live entertainment under the stars at a Caribbean resort, your choices of where to go are limited only by your imagination.

    Cruise ships have entire cruises dedicated to singles only and ski resorts abound with special package deals. Mini-vacations or a full seven day trip are available. All you have to do is make plans and the earlier the better.

    If you know that you’re going solo on a holiday, give yourself an early gift and make reservations at a place you want to be. Saving towards this special gift gives you the fun of anticipation. Treat yourself well. This is your holiday as well as everyone else’s. Planning ahead a few months will enable you to get the best for your money.

    Don’t be shy about asking if there are special rates for singles or requesting favors. The staff is there to make sure you’re comfortable and happy. If you dread eating alone, ask if there are restaurants where you can eat with others. A good example of this is Teppanyaki.

    Teppanaki is a Japanese style of dining where food is prepared at your table on a grill that sits in the center. Each square-shaped table seats about ten people. Seating is arranged on three sides of the table with the chef standing on the fourth side. The fun of watching the chef’s expertise as he slices and dices your food leads to interesting conversation with others.

    Understand that this is a festive time of year and people are going to be friendly and in high spirits at your destination. You won’t feel so alone because the holiday spirit seems to prevail more strongly when people are being catered to and do not have the hassle of decorating and entertaining. You’re a guest and so is everyone else at the hotel or resort.

    Holidays should be about being happy and taking some time off from everyday life. This year give a gift to yourself that will make the holiday a special time for you. Make your holiday a happy one.

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