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    Valentine Fun-Fictional Married Couples

    By Kristen Houghton     

    Have you ever looked at a married movie or TV couple and seen your own marriage? Have you felt an “instant connect” with the couple being portrayed on the screen? It’s something we all do at one time or another.

    Which couple do you and your spouse most resemble?

    Is your marriage like the sophisticated movie couple in the vintage “Thin Man” movies of the 1930’s and ‘40’s?

    Nick and Nora Charles, seem almost perfect. They have everything a couple could want-money, charm, world travel, and a “hobby” solving murders. As played by Myrna Loy and William Powell, they were witty, funny, in love, and sophisticated equals in the partnership of marriage.

    A strong, independent woman, Nora perfectly matched her “Nicky” in every way. The classic repartee between them is classic even if the words tended to camouflage their most tender feelings towards one another. They respected each other and enjoyed being together.

    Are Scarlett and Rhett of “Gone With the Wind” more like you and your spouse?

    Love them or hate them, one of the most famous cinematic couples is Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler. Their marriage may have been one of the saddest ones ever written, however. They never manage to be on the same page throughout their entire married life!

    Their conversations are like swordplay-they thrust, they parry; they jab at each other with sarcasm and pointedly barbed comments. Never, can either one of them, let down their guard and be vulnerable to one another.

    Carmela and Tony Soprano?

    Okay you don’t have to have wiseguy connections to be like Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Soprano. They’re your “average American couple. Carmela takes care of the home front while Tony takes care of “finances.” They’ve gone through a lot in the relationship arena but heaven help anyone who hurts either one of them. You know very well that they will have each other’s back every time.

    And speaking of family, how about Caroline and Charles Ingalls of “Little House on the Prairie?” Do you see you and your spouse as Ma and Pa Ingalls?

    They loved each other and raised children in the hardscrabble life of a pioneer family. Their values and morals helped them survive the inevitable poverty of living on the prairie. Moral convictions, love, and faith made their marriage strong. They were survivors.

    The article began with one sophisticated couple and ends with another one. How many see themselves as the Harts of the old “Hart to Hart” series shown on TV Land?

    Jennifer and Jonathan Hart are a more updated, loving version of Nick and Nora Charles. Without a doubt you know these two are madly in love with one another and, despite living a very affluent lifestyle you always get the feeling that they would still be in love even if they lost all it all. Besides love, their marriage is built on mutual respect for each other.

    Whichever couple you think mirrors you and your husband, remember, that the key ingredient in all these marriages, even the ill-fated union of Mr. and Mrs. Rhett Butler, is love.

    So, love your husband, love your wife, and write your own script for a fun, happy, and loving marriage. Be the stars of your own story!

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