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    Family Trees - 2008 Poem Contest Winner

    By FamilyLobby     

    Family Trees are a mystery
    you see,
    the kind that binds us together,
    you and me.
    Wonders of our past draw us
    beyond the realm of our lives.
    They beckon us onward, with their
    limbs that twine about us.
    The voice of days gone by,
     wafts in the breeze,
    the aroma of the past,
    captured momentarily in photographs,
    memories forever motionless in time.
    Cledia Partin October 22, 2002

    I am a 55 year old grandmother, and began writing when my Children was just little ones.
    I have always loved to read, and when reading I would find myself walking in a world of the stories I was reading.
    I thought this was absolutely wonderful that words fitted together correctly could make one see the story as if watching it on TV.
    So I tried writing, and soon found that I loved the way I too could make the "words" fit together making a story like others. I also found that I loved writing poetry. My first one was when a friend lost her full term baby and was of course devastated. She says that she still when getting sad, gets the poem I wrote to comfort her. That, to me is such a blessing that my words helped someone so much!
    As for the poem "Family Trees" I wrote this when becoming involved in genealogy and the search for my ancestors. I discovered that who my ancestors were has determined who I am today! So there was a poem right there in that discovery!

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