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    Where I Am From - 2008 Poem Contest Winner

    By FamilyLobby     

    I am from...
    fish fries, fruit pies
    Homemade ice creams
    Pac man, Freeze ‘er tag,
    Fresh collard greens
    I am from...
    Floor model TV’s,
    no knobs,
    “Grab the pliers!”
    Say anything you please,
    end it with “Psyche”
    and you’re not a liar 
    I am from...
    big wheels, banana seats, 100 braids, 1000 beads
    Black Michael Jackson, Playin’ school, “Red” Kool-Aid, blow-up pools
    Mork and Mindy, Rubix Cubes, roller skates, and Under-Roo’s

    I am from the tribe of those who learned to believe,
    "A hard head makes a soft behind.”
    Also homes filled with unconditional love (and a switch)
    But no sweeter gift you’ll find
    I am from...
    identifiers like, 
    "Mae Helen’s grandbaby," "Billie Jean's niece,"
    "Lois’ lil’ girl,"
    Tap shoes, dance recitals,
    Tutu’s that twirl 
    I am from...
    strength, courage, sacrifice,
    and “Lord, Thy Kingdom Come”
    Firm roots planted, overflowing with love
    That is where I’m from

    Phaedra is a school teacher at an elementary school in Dallas, Texas. She received a bachelors degree in Journalism and is working towards her masters in higher education.

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