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    The Common Sense of Homeschooling

    By FamilyLobby     

    I am a mother of nine children. If that isn't crazy enough, I also homeschool them. Some might say that is insanity. But I say, it is just common sense. I started off sending my children to kindergarten. Sarah, Naomi, Isaac and Tasha all went to kindergarten. Life seemed easy to just send them off for someone else to teach but then the difficulties came. Our school district in San Diego wanted year-round school and because of the schedules of each grade, over-crowding became a problem. Not to mention the drug influence; even in the elementary grades. There was homework to keep up with and it seemed that the school district was more in charge of my children's education than I was.

    My husband and I knew we had to do something so we pulled our four children out and started homeschooling them. We were both college graduates. We knew the importance of a good education and public school wasn't it. My one daughter from 3rd grade brought all of her papers home on that last day and I looked through them. To my dismay, there was a worksheet with clocks on them. The grade was something like a 30% out of 100%. I was mortified. My children have always been bright and conscientious. Come to find out, she never really grasped the idea of the clock and how to tell time and the teacher didn't have time to help her.

    Educating your own children definitely has it's advantages.

    1.You have the control of what your child learns. After the clock worksheet, I knew I had to go back over the concept of time until my daughter understood it perfectly.

    2.Your children can speed up or slow down their progress depending upon ability. Something my daughter's teacher couldn't do because there were too many in her classroom.

    3. You won't have teachers or public school administrators calling your child stupid. (Yes, this still happens in the classroom--mothers have told me)

    4. Many times the field trips you take with your children are more personal with a smaller group. We've actually went on trips public schools couldn't.

    5. If you are worried about college, there is another advantage. Colleges and Universities love homeschool students. They have the reputation of being better students. They are self-motivated and they involve themselves with their community.

    The only disadvantage to home schooling your child is your own time. You sacrifice the time you would have on your own to school your child. It is a sacrifice to give up those years but in the end it is a wonderful blessing.

    I wouldn't trade the time spent homeschooling for anything. The advantages far out way my sacrifice. It has been one of the most rewarding careers. So if you have the time at home to do so, do it. It's just common sense.

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