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    By Kristen Houghton     

    The super-success of “Sex and the City: The Movie,” proves one sure thing; if you’re a woman a close female friendship is one of the constants that keeps you sane and helps you live your life well. I’m not surprised that a movie aimed primarily at women is raking in the money. It shows “girlfriend-ship” at its best.

    One of the nice things is that the men in the movie, as they were in the series, are very amenable, and understanding about the friendship of the four women. Most boyfriends and husbands are. Friendship is something that men totally understand, albeit in masculine terms, of course.

    The bonding between women is something that has been going on since the beginning of time, and men, whether they admit it or not, have always been curious about the whys of female friendships. Our “girlfriend-ships” are so different from their own ideas of male bonding. Ours are deeper, more emotional, and more open.

    Women’s close friendships are hardly unchartered territory. We have been relying on each other for centuries. There’s a reason women and men split into two distinct groups at social functions and it isn’t dictated by the antiquated rules of Victorian society when men shared brandy and cigars in one room while women drank their sherry in another. Men need the companionship of other males; women need the intense nurturing of female friendship.

    A simple fact that our friendships are different has more than a little to do with our anatomies. There are certain physiological things that are common ground for women the world over. Mention topics such as menstrual cramps, labor and childbirth, and anything gynecologic in a group of women and you will get nods of understanding even from women who are perfect strangers to each other. This we share no matter what our age, no matter where we’re from.

    But physical issues aside, there is much more to female friendships. There is a need to share experiences and knowledge that are not necessarily passed from mother to daughter. There are some things you can only share with a good close friend.

    We share from our hearts and we understand break-ups, heartache, and the need to cry with a good friend holding our hand. We are more open in discussing subjects with “our girls” most men would never ever, consider mentioning to the “the guys.” Women are thinkers, advice givers, and the keepers of sacred girlfriend secrets. We are bound by being born female.

    So it should come as no surprise that a movie about four strong women who are great friends, and always there for each other, is breaking box office records. We can see ourselves and our own friends reflected in the caring girlfriend-ship of Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha. No matter what, they will always be there for each other through aspect of life. For the fictional characters and for us, that is a comforting fact of life. Girlfriend-ship. One of the strongest relationships women will ever have.

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