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    Spit-Up On the Keyboard: How To Work From Home With Baby

    By Sara Richmond Walls     

    The “home office” has become common place in Americathese days, often taking the place of traditional guest rooms. Now, married couplesare sharing their office space not only with each other, but also with baby!These days, telecommuting is more and more popular as families try to balancework and raising their children. When constructing a work from home situation,there are many tools and tips to have to make it a success!


    ·        A True Workspace

    Yes, you can work from thekitchen table in a pinch, but one of the best places to start when developing awork-from-home plan is a desk or workspace situation that serves no otherpurpose. In other words, you don’t have to clean off all of your work beforedinner or before company comes over!


    Now, how does this come into playwith a baby? Well, that’s the other catch. The office must be baby proof andbaby friendly! Baby proof means that all electrical plugs are fitted withplastic inserts, cords do not dangle from desks or across the floor, etc. Babyfriendly means that there is space for baby to sit beside of you in the floorand play.


    Tip: Build a “pillowcade” bysurrounding a self-sitter on the floor and surrounding them with pillows sothat if they tumble over while you are sitting at your desk, the landing is notso hard!


    ·        Tech Tools

    In order to trulytelecommute, there are many tools that individuals must have, whether a baby ispresent or not. These include a phone, a 4-in-1 scanner-copier-printer-fax (notas expensive as they sound), and an internet connection.

    Tip: Hide cords! Babieswant to chew on them.

    Tip: Laptops appear asone giant teether for teething babies and the keys are easily pulled off. Keepthese off limits and do not let baby play with these tools.


    ·        Utilize Nap-Time

    Monitor your time sothat you have a sense of how long baby usually sleeps and what you can getaccomplished during this time. Nap-time is the best time to make phone calls orvideo e-mails.

    ·        Put On Your Clutter Blinders


    One of the hardest things to dowhen trying to work from home is to ignore the dishes that are piling up in thesink. Still, you MUST do it. There will always be dirty dishes, there willalways be piles of laundry that continue to accumulate, but if you want to workfrom home, you must compartmentalize.


    ·        Use a Day Planner


    Tying in with the tip above, youare in control of your time. Only you know your habits, the habits of your babyand the amount of work you have to get done. So purchase a day planner andblock out your time accordingly. This will help you juggle deadlines andpediatric appointments!


    Now, stop reading this article andget to work!

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