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    How to plan successful camping weekends

    By FamilyLobby     

    One of the best and constructive hobbies of all age groups for thousandsof years has been camping to far-flung or naturally r

    Are you thinkingabout a camping trip with your family or friends in the forthcoming weekend?Are you worried about how to plan a successful trip? If your answers are yes,then you can stop worrying. Here are few important tips that can really helpyou to have a successful camping weekend. Weekend camping has several benefits,like you get the chance to break from the daily monotony of office and home,camping activities can induce new energy into you. While camping amidst nature,you have the opportunity to keep away from the pollution and hustle bustle ofthe city.


    Now before goingto a camping trip you need to plan the location first. Choosing a locationwould depend on several factors, such as safety and adventure. A weekendcamping trip must have a blend of both. The trip has to be adventurous, but notat the cost of safety. If only you are fully aware of the location, or you havebeen there several times then you can take such a risk, but it is advised notto neglect the aspects of safety. You also need to read in detail, everythingpertaining the location, about its weather, the geographical features, theflora and fauna, and several other things. This will help campers to have clearidea about what are the activities that you can perform there, such ascanoeing, rafting, trekking, hiking, hill climbing, swimming, and fishing. Youcan take accessories like bikes, swimming trunks and props, ropes accordingly.


    Set yourpriority whether you want to go for mobile camping or tent camping. In theformer, the campers carry all the camping equipments on their back. This ismore expensive because the equipments are costly. The second type, tentcamping, is common among the students, because it is less expensive. The locationsfor this type of camping usually include places for different types ofactivities. All you need is to choose a location and move in there. You canthen use this place as a base camp and perform your camping expeditions.


    The nextimportant thing is to prepare a checklist of the things that you would requireon a camping trip and this is the most integral part of planning. Now if thisis your first time, then you can search through the Internet, and there areseveral websites providing information on dos and doníts of camping. They wouldalso provide details of the items you need to carry. It would also depend onthe different activities you planing for the weekend camping. The checklistwould also help you to organize the weekend camping trip efficiently.


    Some of the mostcommon and vital supplies pertaining to weekend camping are backpack, tent,sleeping bag, camp cookware, extra clothing, water bottle, toiletries, firstaid supplies, non-perishable food products, camping furniture, matchbox, mosquitorepellents, candles, knife, lantern, sun block cream, shades, caps, and commonmedicines. If you are planning activities, then you should carry equipmentsaccordingly, such as fishing rod and kit for fishing, swimming trunks, trekkingshoes, and other equipments. If you want to make your weekend a luxurious one,you can carry, equipments like portable camp shower, Dutch oven, campfiregrill, inflatable sleeping bed, recliner chairs, and folding table.

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