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    Planning a low budget fun birthday party

    By FamilyLobby     

    Planning a low budget fun birthday party

    Planning your child’s birthday is as special as your little darling’s best day itself. Every child spends the entire year looking forward to this special day so your preparations for the party definitely has to be special. However, special need not necessarily mean expensive. If you have a specific budget in mind and worrying whether you can make do within it, don’t worry. Your child’s birthday will be special. The only thing that is required is a bit of ingenuity and creativity on the part of the organizer. In this case you.


    Here are few tips that you can follow in order to make a low budget fun birthday party. First of all, what you can do is to go for a mixture of personal and thematic decorations in organizing a party. There are many free software programs with readily available templates that help one in preparing customized party hats or banners. If you are the creative kind and have time on your hands then you can do them out yourself.


    Besides, you can add a fun theme for making a successful birthday event. Some of the most happening themes for fun birthday party are mystic party, Lights! Camera! Action! – film party, murder mystery theme, glam cam and under the sea themes.


    For making a birthday party more colorful you can make a paper bag piñata, as it will add fun into the party especially if it is a kiddie party. Piñata can be prepared with easily available materials like newspaper strips, beach ball or large balloon and a paste made of coldwater and flour.


    For young and restless children, occupying and entertaining them is a big job. Organize a talent show, or form different teams for competitions and games so that all of them are actively involved in a fun, positive and challenging action. Treasure hunt is a very popular game for kids’ birthday parties. You can team it up with popular musical tunes and let the party twist and dance to them.


    Another suggestion is that you can ask your close family members to make essential contribution in cleaning and setting up the party as a part of the birthday gift. Relatives can always contribute by bringing party beverages and balloons. This can also be an effective way to cut down some expense.


    You can also consider certain timesavers that will not require a lot of funds. These options include homemade snacks or packaged cupcakes. You can get non-iced cakes and put the frosting yourself.


    Try to select a party theme which will not be too cumbersome or expensive to match up to. Make sure that the theme games and environment are met with readily available and spare materials from your house. Back gifts are very important. You can opt for the safe goodie bag but fill it with useful interesting items which the kids can use. You can also give home made crafts which can be preserved as a memento. For making these crafts you can use unused materials around the house that you would have disposed of.



    The most important thing however is food. If it is a kiddie party then one should keep the food as simple as possible. Serve something very interesting as well as nutritious. Cooking at home is of course much cheaper and more wholesome. But if you are not the cooking kind, then plan a mix and match of menu which will be interesting as well as inexpensive. Avoid a full-fledged caterer if you have budget concerns.

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