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    Parenting Blues: Tackling Teenage Truants

    By FamilyLobby     

    Parenting Blues: Tackling Teenage Truants

    Children, at times, give their parents a tough time. No matter whether you are a successful professional or an efficient homemaker, when it comes to kids all your managerial skills might fall flat. Kids, especially in their teens have this tendency of flouting rules. Such a case of violating discipline is the act of truancy. Truancy has emerged as one of the main problems faced by parents these days.


    Available statistics indicate that a large number of students miss their classes each day, intentionally, despite their parents directing them against it. Truancy is not only about breaking rules but also has an adverse effect on education. Truancy is described as an absence from school or a specific class without any concrete reason. These are inexcusable absences and do not bear the approval of the authorities.


    Truancy has numerous fallouts. It disrupts the education of the teenager. It also has an impact on the child’s future education as the assessment grades and lower graduation grades are taken into consideration during enrollment in higher studies. The student is marked as one who violates rules and is reprimanded for indiscipline. It is not only about the individual student as the entire class has to study the same lesson twice. It is also taxing for parents as they have to pay a fine for their wards and also at times sit for parenting classes.


    In order to counter the problem of truancy, one must also try to figure out the reasons that make a teenager miss classes or school. Often, it is seen that children are scared of being reprimanded by their teachers or any other official. Some kids are shy and prefer to keep within themselves. They are at times bullied by their seniors. Rather than complaining about such instances, kids take the easier way out and stay back home. On other occasions, kids simply do not like going to school and are more interested in playing or going for a vacation.


    Once you have figured out the reason behind your child playing truant, you can easily work out a solution. However, it is not solely the responsibility of the parents and teachers have an equally important role to play. If your child shows a disinterest in pursuing his education, you can have a frank counseling session with the kid and explain things. In case, he is afraid of a particular teacher, you can talk to his teachers in school and ask them to help the child out. Students should be made to understand that truancy is not acceptable. If the child is indulging in truancy to avoid other kids at school, you should try to make him understand that it is important to open up and befriend others.


    Truancy has become a part of parenting blues. It is an issue of concern not only for parents and teachers but also for the governments of several nations. It is affecting the system of primary and secondary education. However, a little bit of planning and conscious effort is all that is required to curb the problem of truancy amongst teenagers and to ensure that their education remains unaffected.

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