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    Pets and Children

    By FamilyLobby     

    Pets and children form an inseparable bonding. Pets help in developing a positive behavior among children. Proper parental guidance and supervision helps in creating an amiable bond between children and pets. Pets help in building confidence, empathy, and compassion among children. Pets can come in the form of dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, or fishes.


    Choosing a Pet


    Family size, premises, and household lifestyle are the criteria for selecting a pet. It is advisable to avoid unusual or exotic pets as they may not be taken proper care of, or may be too dangerous for kids. Parents ideally should have pets which are safe for their children, convenient to look after, and adaptive to the surroundings. The pet also should be manageable by the kids of the family.


    Pet Caring

    Caring of pets should ideally be done by the children. It is advisable to have pets after the children in a family have attained 10 years of age. Prior to that, children are immature and are impulsive. They can either be too cruel to the pets, or can harm themselves. Parents should ensure that their children take proper care of their pets. A sense of responsibility and ownership is needed to be inculcated among the kids. The kids should realize that the pets also need food, water, rest, and exercise as humans do.


    The parents are the role model for their children, and hence any form of aggression or bad behavior is better avoided. If the children feel neglected or uncared for it gets reflected in their behavior to their pets. Parents must always be compassionate, empathic, and responsible towards their kids, which automatically transcends to the kidsí approach towards their pet. It is also the responsibility of the parents to oversee that their children are not being cruel to their pets.


    If the children fail to look after their pets properly, then they are required to be guided by their parents or other elders of the family. If however negligence towards the pets continue, then it is better to find a separate household.


    Pet Ownership Benefits


    The benefits of owning a pet are multi-faceted. They can be summarized as:

             Developing a sense of trust for friends, relatives, and acquaintances;

             Contributes in building confidence, empathy, and positive attitude;

             Develop a sense of responsibility in general;

             Growing a respect for other living beings;

             Developing attributes of affection, loyalty, and love;

             Imbibing skills in communication;

             Learning the life processes of birth, growth, reproduction, accidents, sickness and death.


    Pets and children has been the subject of study among scientists and psychologists. It is a tested fact that they share an endearing relationship of love, loyalty and trust.

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