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    Watching children grow can be a wonderful experience for the parents. And guiding them in their delicate years can be very difficult and exciting also. It is in the early teens when children are in their most impressionable and involve in socializing a lot. This period of time involves maximum interaction with friends and partying out.


    Apart from the general meeting, special invitations are also made to exult the moment to a different high. Sleepover is one such idea in which teenagers rejoice. A sleepover is also known as a pajama party or a slumber party where teenagers mainly invite guests to stay overnight. It is usually a follow up of a birthday party. Teenagers stay overnight and play numerous games.


    Typical participant activities mainly include staying up late, talking, eating and playing until sleep beckons, which sometimes never happens for a few energetic guests. Teenage Sleepovers are usually held at one participant's house, with other guests bringing in bedtime things, such as pillows or sleeping bags.


    Some of the common activities include playing board games or watching movies, having pillow fights, cooking and eating themselves, playing Truth or Dare, building forts out of pillows and blankets. For girls a pajama party may be pampering themselves by applying nail polish and putting face masks or just experimenting dressing up. Sometimes, sleepovers can have a theme as well.


    Tips to tackle sleepovers –


    Parents –

    • Set some lenient guidelines before you permit an over night fiesta
    • You can set ground rules such as where and what appliances you can use such as a stereo or TV or VCR.


    Children –


    • Take permission from your parents about having a sleepover.
    • Decide upon the number of people to invite and send out invitations through e-mail, snail mail, or the phone.
    • Stock up enough food and plan the menu.
    • Rent or buy 2 to 3 movies to keep the sleepover moving



    You can also plan your next day that will follow after the fun filled night.

    Breakfast need not be complicated to be fun. A few ideas can help him.


    Funny Face Bagels — Cut bagels in half and toast them can be fun in the breakfast. Slather cream cheese or peanut butter on the bugles can be used to make funny faces. This will make the breakfast exciting.


    Smiley-Face Pancakes— You can use canned whip cream, chocolate chips, chocolate syrup, blueberries, halved strawberries, diced bananas, dried fruit to make a wonderful pancake.


    Restaurant-Style Breakfast — you may also arrange for a restaurant style breakfast to add that extra excitement.


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