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    3 Major Divorce Parenting Mistakes And Learn How To Avoid Them

    By Ruben Francia     

    What 3 major divorce parenting mistakes that surely lead to unhappy, unhealthy and unsuccessful children? Parents know these for your children seek. 1. Failure To Act According To Child's Best Interest

    This divorce parenting mistake stem from not knowing what exactly these interest are. Experts do agree on two factors that can be said to be the foundation for a child's true best interest:

    Maintain familial ties that were meaningful and important to your children prior to the divorce. Provide a generally supportive and cooperative in-between parent relationships. Act according to child's best interest. 2. Failure To Let Go The Hurt's Of One's Divorce

    Let go of grudges you may hold against your former spouse. Holding onto feelings of anger will not change your situation and will probably consume a great deal of your energy - energy you need to devote to creating a positive environment for your child. If you dwell on your disappointment and dislike with your former spouse - chances are your child will sense your feelings and suffer in some way from your negative attitude. Overcome this divorce parenting mistake. Let go and forgive.

    3. Failure To Win Divorce Parenting Cooperation

    If divorced parents can put aside their personal feelings before the welfare of their children and choose to interact with one another in a respectful and dignified way, their children will benefit. Beat this kind of divorce parenting mistake. Learn to win your ex parenting cooperation.

    Sure, you can have healthy, happy and successful children even if you're divorced. Do act according to child's best interest, let go and forgive, and win the parenting cooperation of your ex. Remember, how bad and well children go through the divorce depends on how you handle the situation. Never let your divorce ruin your children's life.

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