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    Where Do We Find the Energy for Early-Year Parenting? - Seth Mullins
    Stepping into the role of mother or father of an infant can be one of the most exhausting jobs we’ll ever have. Our newborns’ irregular rhythms will throw our own into disarray. Contemporary wisdom tells us that their needs should be met whenever they arise – be it dawn, late afternoon, or three in the morning.
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    In Praise of All Moms - Kristen Houghton
    This is an article about all the people who take on the role of mother. It is for those who may not have the title but who do the job of mothering. To all of you, I offer a big thank you because the position of being a Mom isn’t an easy one.
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    Cleaning with a baby can be hectic and stressful - Sara Richmond Walls
    Cleaning with a baby can be hectic and stressful. You may feel that you never get anything accomplished! First and foremost, these tips are especially useful for the ages of 2 months until mobility. Until the baby is sleeping through the night, which often starts happening around 3 months, you’re best options are to lower your standards of cleanliness and seek help from others.
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